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The Star Analyser



star analyser 100 image








With the Star Analyser...

image of star

Turn this..

spectra graph of a star from a star analyser.....Into this!

The STAR ANALYSER is used here with an 80mm reflector and an unmodified Philips Toucam Pro webcam, to reveal the telltale signature of molecules in the atmosphere of the magnitude +3.4 red giant Delta Virginis (spectral class M3 iii) (Graph plotted from spectrum image using Visual Spec software)



Since its launch in 2005, the Star Analyser 100 has introduced thousands of amateur astronomers worldwide to the fascinating field of spectroscopy. Over this period, the equipment used by amateurs has evolved with larger aperture telescopes, bigger camera sensors and close coupled filter wheels becoming more common. The new Star Analyser 200 model has been developed with these users in mind. Using the same Paton Hawksley high efficiency blazed diffraction grating technology as the SA100, but with double the line density. The SA200 is designed for applications where it is difficult to achieve the optimum spacing needed for the SA100. The SA200 gives the same length of spectrum at half the spacing compared with the SA100.


For most users the SA100 is expected to continue to be the model of choice, particularly for those using cameras with small sensors, giving optimum performance for example with the SA100 mounted on the camera nosepiece.


To find which model will work best in your system please visit the calculator


Please choose the model that best suits your application from below. A downloadable user manual is available on our resources page.


Star Analyser 100

Star Analyser 200


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